May 1, 2009

Shirokuma Presents

Indigo Bar

You know that scene in Lost in Translation where these two dudes are wondering out loud to one another whether  or not its Bob Harris and they’re just out of frame? Playing at Indigo Bar was just like that for Rod and I…except our two dudes needed to hear each other over the roar of the crowd, and the crowd wasn’t roaring for us, but despite us.


“Bro, yeah. I see what they’re doing. They’re like connected.”




And bro, let me tell you, I was definitely dancing. I felt I did some really good work that night.  I honed in on Rod’s playing and felt like I really pulled it together.  To this day that painting remains one of my favorites of all time despite the shinnanigans.

And the shinnanigans are as follows:

- The place is an actual busy & hip bar filled with twenty-somethings getting drunk and setting the mood to no doubt boogie down to no less than two Kylie Minogue songs throughout the night.

- House music started playing right at the beginning of the set. We had to stop the performance, ask the bar to cut it off, and reset. Which is not an easy thing to do especially with TSC’s notorious vibe-sensitivity. (But which still wasn’t as bad as Anton’s sandy vaginitis sensitivity).

-The crowd was EXTREMELY close and may or may not have even have been aware that we were performing despite Rod’s necessary consistently loud drum playing.

Bro, Rod was not, like, dancing. He was put off not being able to really demonstrate any subtlety.

(Note: Anton was too busy and could not attend, but foretold most of the above.)




Painting owned by Martin Wilson.

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