Jul 18, 2009

Cottonfest 2009


was just groovin’ & jammin’ & rockstarin’ to his little heart’s content tonight, and good taste was NOT going to get in the way of that!  I sensed a communication breakdown, which was later confirmed when the set did not end at a very natural feeling ending, which Anton felt needed to be his funky solo instead.  Rod recounts how his attempts at eye contact went unanswered, like the fat girl at prom.

But maybe I’m being too harsh. Though reviewing some footage taken by a member of the crowd, it looks like Anton was not only not responding to Rod (because he had his eyes closed to really FEEL that sweet sweet sound), but he did not look once at the five foot painting behind him, which presumably these two musicians should be taking cues from.

Tisk, tisk! Bad musician!

In his defence, and to the credit of both Rod and Anton, this is a rare occurrence.  Usually, they are both looking and at times responding.  The current format however, does lend itself to more of a loose interpretation on their part, and a very reaction heavy and gestural approach on my end.  Because of this, Rod and I have started thinking on ways of working that will be more successful with respect to our aim of actually creating a merger of art and sound.

Regarding the painting, this was the first time I used my new “Key West” colors.  I was really excited to use the vibrate yellow, blue and pink which Martin Wilson captured so well in the photographs below. It definitely has a different feel to it than the rest of the work, which proceeded it.  And while I was not happy with it as a whole composition (as one did not emerge serendipitously this day), I did feel that some of the sections had a very successful and rich painterly quality.

All in all it was a good day, complete with some really nice burgers to boot.




Allow me, if I may, to present the case for the defence in the face of the vicious slander being spread about by one Angela Guyton.

Firstly, while the footage may indeed show I had my eyes closed, when pressed on this matter, Angela was forced to reveal the footage was only less than two minutes long, thus being an unreliable source of evidence.  In fact, in the photo below you can see me staring at Rod, admittedly it’s a “stoned hippy” type stare, but a stare nonetheless.

Secondly, erm, well, really that’s the only point I had to make.  And, if I’m honest, Ang is probably spot on, all that is left to say is (and this does excuse everything), I had been drinking heavily prior to this performance.  That is the Cottonfest way, and I make no apologies for that.



Painting owned by our Anton Hunter.

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