Sep 26, 2009

Blank Media Presents


Unfortunately, this performance was pulled off on rocky footing.  The act preceding ours decided to extend their set by my conservative estimate of 20 mins. (time lost all meaning as we stewed at their audacity and endless repetitions.).  To add insult to injury, only one of their band members stayed behind to clear their equipment off the stage while the rest were surely off date raping.

Rod and Anton angrily cleaned up after these inconsiderate fucktards, while I was filling my large orange bucket with water. Mark Devereux (of Blank Media) apologized for the position we were in, which was a nice gesture, but as expected the sullied mood colored the improvised performance.  After the wank-tastic, endlessly loud, ska set of the previous band, there was no room for good taste and subtlety left in the room.  As a response, the music lacked the dynamic range that Rod and Anton are capable of creating and both musicians felt very compressed.

I feel the final state of the painting reflects our frustration…in a wonderfully beautiful way somehow. I was able to work un-congested and used the crassness to apparently represent the music in a bold manner.  It was the only good thing that happened on a night that would have otherwise been a complete miss.


Painting owned by Mark Devereux.

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Takahashi's Shellfish Concern merges sonic and visual information into a single transmission during improvised performances. I think we're all exploring consciousness, and I want to realize with every thought and expression that I am that through which the universe speaks. TSC helps me in trying to do this. We are based in Manchester, England.

Angela Guyton
Rodrigo Constanzo
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