Dec 10, 2009

The Noise Upstairs Presents

The Noise Upstairs

This performance we premiered a new palette of sounds.  Two piezo microphones were attached to the back of the canvas. The only sounds heard were the processed sounds of the painting being made.  This, in combination with the stripped down, only black “color” palette, made for a very simple, focused, and much more singular expression.  The results were good, and I will be looking forward to using this sort of set up much more frequently in the future.


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Takahashi's Shellfish Concern merges sonic and visual information into a single transmission during improvised performances. I think we're all exploring consciousness, and I want to realize with every thought and expression that I am that through which the universe speaks. TSC helps me in trying to do this. We are based in Manchester, England.

Angela Guyton
Rodrigo Constanzo
Anton Hunter